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Workplace Safety and Health


Workplace Safety and Health

? Health is a general state of physical mental and emotional well-being. Safety involves
protecting the physical well being of people. The legal provisions governing health cover
areas such as cleanliness, waste disposal, proper ventilation and temperature control,
preventing accumulation of dust, avoiding overcrowding, providing wholesome drinking
water, proper lighting, having a requisite number of latrines and urinals, etc. Health
promotion covers areas such as healthy living, physical fitness, smoking cessation, stress
management etc. Employee assistance programmes offer counselling, medical help and
rehabilitation opportunities to all troubled employees.
? The main purpose of effective safety programmes in an organisation is to prevent workrelated
injuries and accidents. Safety members in factories cover slipping and falling
hazards, collision and obstruction hazards, equipments hazards, fire hazards, hazards
from falling objects, etc. Supervisors play a great role in reducing unsafe conditions and
unsafe acts. Effective safety management includes establishing a safety policy, ensuring
top management support, creating safety committees, promoting safety discipline, and
instituting safety engineering procedures, offering safety training, investigating reasons
for accidents thoroughly, and evaluating safety efforts from time to time.
Notes ? The legal provisions regarding safety cover areas such as fencing of machinery, not
employing young persons near dangerous machines, using safe devices to cut off power,
using good hoists and lifts, giving enough room for workers to move around safely,
quality flooring, providing ventilators for pumping out fumes, gases; and precautions to
be taken to prevent fire accidents, etc.

Effective Safety Management: Effective safety management considers the type of safety problems,
accidents, employees and technology in the organisational setting.
Employee Assistance Programmes: Programmes that provide professional counselling, medical
help and rehabilitation opportunities to all troubled employees.
Health: A general state of physical, mental and emotional well-being.
Safety: Protection of a person's physical health.
Safety Engineering: To minimise workplace accidents, proper engineering procedures could be
followed. Fencing of machinery, adequate space between machines, parts and equipment, use of
material handling equipment, safety devices, proper maintenance of machines, etc., are
undertaken to prevent accidents from occurring.
Security: Protection of employer facilities and equipment from unauthorised access and protection
of employees while on work premises or work assignments.
Troubled Employee: An individual who is confronted by unresolved personal or work related
Wellness Programmes: Programmes that focus on prevention to help employees build lifestyles
that will help them to achieve their full physical and mental potential.
Workplace Aggression: Efforts by individuals to harm others with whom they work or have

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