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Selection, Induction and Placement


Selection, Induction and Placement

? Selection is the process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill
jobs in an organisation. The primary purpose of selection activities is to predict which job
applicant will be successful if hired.
? Selection tests include intelligence and aptitude tests, achievement tests, assessment centres
and general psychological or personality tests. The value of tests should not be discounted,
since they are objective and offer a broader sampling of behaviour.
? The interview is an important source of information about job applicants. Several types of
interviews are used, depending on the nature and importance of the position to be filled
within an organisation. Interviews can be conducted by a single individual or by a panel
of interviewers who are generally trained for the purpose. The training helps interviewers
to be more objective and not get carried away by biases and errors of various kinds.
? Placement is the actual posting of an employee to a specific job. It involves assigning a
specific rank and responsibility to an employee. Placement is an important human resource
? Orientation or induction is the task of introducing the new employees to the organisation
and its policies, procedures and rules.
? Induction is important as it serves the purpose of removing fears, creating a good impression
and acts as a valuable source of information.

Assessment Centre: It is a standardised form of employee appraisal that uses multiple assessment
exercises such as 'in basket', games, role play, etc., and multiple raters.
Halo Error: This error occurs when one aspect of the subordinate's performance affects the
rater's evaluation of other performance dimensions.
Induction: Introduction of a person to the job and the organisation.
Interview: It is the oral examination of candidates for employment.
Panel Interview: An interview during the course of which several interviewers take turns in
interviewing the candidate.
Placement: Actual posting of an employee to a specific job - with rank and responsibilities
attached to it.
Realistic Job Preview: It is a process of providing a job applicant with an accurate picture of the
Reliability: The ability of a selection tool to measure an attribute consistently.
Selection: The process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an
Stereotyping: Attributing characteristics to individuals based on their inclusion or membership
in a particular group.
Structured Interview: Interview that uses a set of standardised questions that are clearly job
related, asked of all job applicants.
Test: A test is a standardised, objective measure of a sample of behaviour.
Notes Validity: The relationship between scores on a selection tool and a relevant criterion such as job

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