Friday, 20 March 2020

Recruiting HR


Recruiting HR

? Recruitment is the process of locating and encouraging potential applicants to apply for
existing or anticipated job openings. Certain influences restrain (the freedom of) managers
while choosing a recruiting source such as: image of the company, attractiveness of the
job, internal policies, budgetary support, government policies, etc.
? Recruitment is influenced by a variety of environmental factors - economic, social,
technological, political, legal, etc. The sources of recruitment may be broadly divided into
two categories: internal sources and external sources. Both have their own merits and demerits.

A Competence based Approach: It means that the competencies defined for a role are generally
used as the framework for selection process.
Agency sites: These are run by special recruitment agencies. Candidates register online but may
be expected to discuss their details in person before their details are forwarded to the employer.
Attracting Candidates: This is primarily a matter of identifying, evaluating and using the most
appropriate sources of applicants.
Employee Leasing: Hiring permanent employees of another company who possess certain
specialized skills on lease basis to meet short-term requirements- although not popular in India.
Job Design: The Job Design is about the agreement about the profile of the ideal job candidate
and the agreement about the skills and competencies, which are essential.
Notes Job Sites: These are operated by specialized firms and can contain thousands of vacancies.
Companies pay to have their jobs listed on the sites, which are usually not linked to the agency.
Media Sites: Sites which may simply contain a copy of an advertisement appearing in the press,
but may include an external description of the vacancy and the company and provide a link to
the company's website.
Person Specification: A person specification also known as recruitment, job or personnel
specification is the essential element on which the selection procedure is based. It is the sum
total of education, training, experience, qualification a person has to perform the job assigned to
Recruitment: The discovering of potential applicants for actual or anticipated organisational
Recruitment Techniques: Recruitment techniques are the means or media by which management
contacts prospective employees or provide necessary information or exchange ideas or stimulate
them to apply for jobs.
Temporary Employees: Employees are hired for a limited time to perform a specific job. They
are useful in meeting short-term demand of human resource.

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