Saturday, 21 March 2020

Job Evaluation


Job Evaluation

? Job evaluation is the systematic process of determining the relative worth of jobs in order
to establish which jobs should be paid more than others within the organisation. Job
evaluation helps to establish internal equity between various jobs.
? The four basic approaches to job evaluation are: the ranking method, the classification
method, the factor comparison method, and the point method.
? The job ranking method arranges jobs in numerical order on the basis of the importance
of the job's duties and responsibilities to the organisation.
? The job classification system slots jobs into preestablished grades. Higher-rated grades
demand more responsibilities, tougher working conditions and varied job duties.
? The point system of job evaluation uses a point scheme based upon the compensable job
factors of skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions. The more compensable
factors a job possesses, the more points are assigned to it. Jobs with higher accumulated
points are considered more valuable to the organisation.
? The factor comparison system evaluates jobs on a factor-by-factor basis against important
jobs within an organisation.

Classification Method: A method of job evaluation that concentrates on creating certain common
job grades based on skills, knowledge and abilities.
Factor Comparison Method: A method of job evaluation where job factors are compared to
determine the worth of a job.
Job Analysis: The systematic collection, evaluation and organisation of information about jobs.
Job Evaluation: A systematic way of assessing the relative worth of a job.
Job Grading Method: Under this method, number of grades is first decided upon, and the factors
corresponding to these grades are then determined. Job grades are arranged in the order of their
importance in the form of schedule.
Performance Appraisal: A formal process in an organisation whereby each employee is evaluated
to find how he is performing.
Point Method: A method of job evaluation where jobs are classified on identification criteria
and the degree to which these criteria exist on the job.
Ranking Method: A method of job evaluation which ranks employees from highest to lowest.

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