Friday, 20 March 2020

Job Analysis


Job Analysis

? Jobs are important to individuals as well as organisations. They are subject to change. Job
Analysis is a systematic investigation of the tasks , duties and responsibilities necessary to
do a job. Job analysis information is useful for a variety, of organization purposes ranging
from human resource planning to career counselling.
? The end products of job analysis are (a) Job descriptions, a written statement of what the
job holder does, and (b) job specifications, which list the knowledge, stills and abilities
(KSAs) required to perform a job satisfactorily.

Duty: Several tasks which are related by some sequence of events. For example: pick up, sort out
and deliver incoming mail.
Human Engineering Activity: It takes into consideration human capabilities, both physical and
psychological and prepares the ground for complex operations of increased efficiency and better
Industrial Engineering Activity: It is concerned with operational analysis, motion study, work
simplification, reducing unit labour cost, establishing standard performance and communicating
it with the employees.
Job: A group of positions similar in their significant duties such as technical assistant, computer
Job Analysis: The process of gathering information about a job.
Job Classification: The grouping of jobs on some basis such as the nature of work done or the
level of pay. For example, skilled, semiskilled and unskilled; Grade I, II and III officers in a Bank.
Job Reengineering: It is the sum total of Industrial engineering activity and Human engineering
Job Specification: Job specification tells what kind of person to recruit and for what qualities
that person should be tested.
Position: A collection of tasks and duties which are performed by one person. For example, the
PA to Principal receives visitors, takes dictation, operates computer, answers queries, attends to
complaints and helps students.
Reengineering: Rethinking and redesigning work in a radical way to improve cost, service and
Task: An identifiable work activity carried out for a specific purpose. For example: typing a

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