Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Group Behaviour and Team Work


Group Behaviour and Team Work

Thus we see that team skills and group membership form a very important component of
the attributes required for success in work place.
If a group in which the individual is working, is conducive for work, the performance of
the individual will be similarly affected and vice versa.
There are many reasons and methods for group formation but groups are mandatory for
one's work.
Similarly, the teams guarantee good productivity.

Differentiation: It is the extent to which team members are specialized relative to others in the
Integration: It is the degree to which the team must coordinate with managers, employees,
suppliers and customers outside the team.
Notes Problem Solving Team: Problem-solving teams meet for a few hours each week to discuss ways
of improving quality, efficiency and the work environment.
Self-managed Team: A self-managed team includes collective control over the pace of work,
determination of work assignments, organisation of breaks, and collective choice of inspection

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