Sunday, 15 March 2020

Delegation, Authority and Power


Delegation, Authority and Power

Delegation is an essential element of any manager's job.
If used effectively delegation provides real benefits to every one involved.
Major indicator of justified use of power is delegation of authority by the management.
It is the process through which a manager gives authority to their subordinates in order to
accomplish certain assignments.
The work culture, which utilizes the delegation of authority, improves the job satisfaction
motivation and morale of employees.
Further it is helpful in satisfying the employee's need for recognition, responsibility
freedom and autonomy.
"Power" is the ability to affect change while "authority" is the right to make any given

Delegation: The process by which the manager assigns a portion of his total workload to others.
Expert power: It comes from the knowledge in a specific area through which one influences
Legitimate power: It comes from the authority of a manager's rate and position in the chain of
Power: The potential ability to influence the behaviour of others

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