Thursday, 12 March 2020

Corporation in a Global Society


Corporation in a Global Society

The major characteristic of Japanese model of corporate governance is a high level of stock
ownership by affiliated bank and companies. The Japanese system of corporate governance
has main bank in centre linked with financial/industrial network.
In Japan, legal framework is very dominating and influential in developing policies. The
government ministries also have enormous regulatory control.
The King Report on Corporate Governance (1994) evoked interest in corporate governance
in South Africa.
King committee has taken, into its consideration, the seven characteristics of the good
corporate governance. These are discipline, transparency, independence, accountability,
responsibility, fairness and social responsibility.

Foreign Companies: Foreign companies are those, which have been incorporated outside India
and conduct business in India.
Keiretsu: It means industrial groups which are inter related by trading relationship and
crossholdings of debt and shares in Japan.

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