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Business Report Writing


Business Report Writing

A business report is an orderly, unbiased communication of factual information that
serves some business purpose.
Report writing makes the complex thing simple.
Reports provide feedback to the manager on various aspects of organisation. The
information is needed for reviewing and evaluating progress, planning for future course
of action and taking decisions.
Reports may be Business Reports or Academic Reports.
Business report writing need extensive research.
Business Reports may be: Routine Reports, Special Reports, Informational Reports or
Analytical Reports.
Clarity about why, what, who, when, where and how of the report help to draft an effective
If the planning of a report is done in a detailed manner, there are very few chances of
missing out errors at the final stage.
Planning of a Report involves Defining the problem, outlining issues for investigation,
preparing a work-plan, undertaking the research.
Nature of Heading, Point Formulation, Numbering, etc are some of the technicalities to
be handled with care in drafting a report.
Tables, Flow charts, Organisation Charts, etc are the Visual Aids which can make the
report more effective.
It is important to assess the effectiveness of a report in terms of clarity, importance of
problem, documentation, appropriateness of method, adequacy of sample, replicability,
solution orientation, accuracy, bias, and usefulness to categorize them into three criteria
such as (i) defective reports, (ii) standard reports and (iii) superior reports.
Notes The nature of research depends upon the problem and purpose of the report.
The research has to be conducted for making a successful business report.
Research can be exploratory or descriptive also it may be primary or secondary research.
In primary research information comes directly from the source. It has to be compiled,
analyzed and interpreted for getting the desired information.
Under secondary research, researcher gathers information from the secondary data.
Secondary research is done on already published data.

Academic Report: Academic reports are the reports which are prepared by students in their
course of study or obtaining a degree.
Business Report: A report is a presentation and summation of facts, figures and information
either collected or derived. It is a logical and coherent structuring of information, ideas and
concepts. A business report is an orderly, unbiased communication of factual information that
serves some business purpose.
Five W's and One H of Report Writing: What, Why, Who, When, Where and How of the matter
for which the Report has to be written. These elements help to write an effective report.
Flow Charts: Flow charts present a sequence of activities from start to finish. They are normally
used when we wish to illustrate processes, procedures and relationships. The various elements
in the chart can also be depicted either with figures or geometrical designs.
Primary Data: Generated from an original source
Primary research: Gathering information from original source for testing hypothesis or giving
Project Proposal (Synopsis): A brief standardized framework of the project of study, which
gives an idea about the format of study and its report
Research Design: The layout of a project, including definition of the problem under study,
general methodology adopted for study, data source and data collection procedure
Respondent: A person with whom interview is conducted or a person who has been interviewed.
Secondary Research: Gathering information from already existing data for the purpose.
Visual Aids: Tables, Graphs, Charts, Figures and other tools, which make the report impressive
and effective should be used. These are most useful in presenting the report.

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