Monday, 2 March 2020

Academic Report Writing


Academic Report Writing

Academic Report differs from Business Reports in many ways. Academic Reports are
prepared by students in the course of their study, in partial fulfillment of a degree/
diploma from a University or College.
The academic report should be a substantive contribution to knowledge through
integration of the review of literature and methodology developed for the understanding
and resolution of management problem, and the empirical work done therein.
The topic for the Project should be manageable in size, scope, keeping in view the time
and organizational resources required for preparing a report.
The roles of the project guide include supervising and guiding the student and providing
periodic feedback based on his/her progress and giving written feedback on the draft of
the report submitted by the student
The project proposal or synopsis should contain a brief background of the company, its
business and environment, and then a survey of literature and context description of the
The final Project Report includes Acknowledgement, Certificate of Approval from the
Institute and Guides, Introduction, Research Design, Questionnaire, Results, Conclusions,
Recommendations, Appendices, Tables and References.

Academic Report: Academic reports are those reports which are prepared by students in their
course of study or attaining a degree.
Project Proposal (Synopsis): A brief standardized framework of the project of study, which
gives an idea about the format of study and its report.
Research Design: The layout of a project, including definition of the problem under study,
general methodology adopted for study, data source and data collection procedure.

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