Sunday, 16 February 2020

Small Projects


Small Projects

? So, in summary, applying the best practices to even a small project can be done without
creating too much paperwork or overhead.
? The best practices are the things which countless project managers have done on thousands
of projects and are deemed to be the “best practice” because they tend to help you to
achieve the best results.
? Don’t think that because you’re managing a small project that you can ditch these best
practices because if you do, you will regret it later when your project gets in a mess.
? First off, it promotes teamwork, something that is crucial in the game industry, since
games are built, in most cases, by diverse teams of talented people.
? Learning to work alongside others towards the same goal is a valuable skill you must
learn if you want to make it in this industry.
? Along with teamwork, it also promotes good communication skills.
? Because you will be working with people who may speak a different language than you in
terms of development and discipline (not actual languages), you will need to learn how to
effectively communicate with them.

Constraints: A constraint is a restriction on the degree of freedom you have in providing a
solution. Constraints are effectively global requirements, such as limited development resources
or a decision by senior management that restricts the way you develop a system.
PM: Project Manager
Scope: opportunity for exercising the faculties or abilities; capacity for action.

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