Saturday, 15 February 2020

Risk Management


Risk Management

? Software project managers need to manage risk and use every tool available to them for
this management.
? If they can use a tool that is already being used on their project for other purposes, they
save themselves time and money.
? Most managers use some form of a metrics program to track their project for cost, schedule,
effort, and quality.
? Many of the measures used to help them with this project management can also serve
additional use in identifying and tracking risk.
? This unit used a common software risk, personnel shortfall, to show how managers can
use measures and metrics to help identify and track risk items.
? This technique can be applied to other common risk items, such as requirements changes
and unrealistic schedules and budgets, to help managers have visibility into and control
over their overall projects in addition to identifying and monitoring their risk items.

QA: Quality Assurance
CM: Configuration Management
Risk: The possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger
COP: Congressional Oversight Panel

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