Saturday, 15 February 2020

Resource Allocation


Resource Allocation

? Project Insight gives project managers power over the management of resource
allocation for software development, marketing, product development teams and more.
? Assigning team members to business goals, projects and individual tasks is simple and
easy with our PMI and PMBOK® Guide compliant solution.
? Mass assign team members’ tasks grouped by skill set, department or resource type, or
handle resource allocation management for a single person. It is equally simple to change
a resource on a set of project tasks as well.
? In this unit we will learn about scheduling resources in projects. We will begin by
discussing the nature of resource requirements (both people and machines) and the problems
associated with managing resources in a project environment.
? Given the finite nature of resource availability, a project plan may have to be modified so
that it is practical.
? This is the major thrust of resource planning and management.
? In this lesson, we will examine, at some length, the four major stages of the resource
scheduling process.

Resource Definition: Resource definition involves identifying the critical resources that need to
be planned and managed for the successful completion of the project.
Resource Allocation: In a multi-project environment as projects are competing for scarce
resources, resource allocation addresses the problem of the optimum use and timing of the
assignment of these resources to the various project activities.
Resource Aggregation: Resource aggregation involves determining the aggregate resources
that will be needed, period by period, to complete all project activities.
Resource Leveling: Having identified the necessary resource requirements, the last stage in the
process is resource leveling.

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