Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Relational Database Design


Relational Database Design

? As database is a collection of tables and tables are collection of fields and fields are
collection of data items, so to design the database we have to follow certain rules on the
data or information.
? To design an efficient database we have to rake all measures in the beginning, so these
measures are taken according to rules.

Foreign Key: A foreign key is an attribute that completes a relationship by identifying the parent
entity. Foreign keys provide a method for maintaining integrity in the data.
Functional Dependency: A functional dependency is a one-way relationship between two
attributes (or two sets of attributes) A and B in a relation R such that at any given point of time,
for each unique value of attribute A, only one value of attribute B is associated with it.
Normal Forms: Normalization is based on the concept of normal forms. A table is said to be in
a particular normal form if it satisfies a certain set of constraints defined for that normal form.

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