Friday, 28 February 2020

Reading Skills


Reading Skills

Reading is one of the four communication skills; the other three being writing, speaking
and listening.
The components of reading skills are reading speed, comprehension, efficiency and
Reading speed is defined in terms of words read per minute.
Comprehension is the ability to understand anything after it is read. It is important to
have good ability to comprehend along with quick reading.
Reading efficiency is calculated by multiplying reading speed with comprehension ability.
Various factors like educational background, interest, environment, physical and mental
capability, etc., affect the reading efficiency of a person.
Techniques for improving reading efficiency include active reading, improving
concentration, preview and review of the read material, selection of style of reading,
overcoming obstacles and interferences, etc.
Retention capability allows you to memorize and recall the read material. This can be
improved by relating the material being read with some experience or persons, by narrating
the read out things to others, continuous reinforcement and determination.
For effective reading, one must define the purpose of reading, allot time schedule, choose
suitable style of reading and control interference.
Notes Executives have to spend a lot of time on reading various documents like, letters,
applications, reports, budgets and e-mails. They should make a framework as per the
priority of the document and choose a proper style of reading, so as to minimize wastage
of time.

Careful Reading: It is the slowest kind of reading. In this kind of reading, the speed varies
between 50 to 350 words per minute.
Rapid Reading: It is simple kind of reading where the speed will range from 300 to 600 words
per minute.
Scanning: It is the fastest kind of reading where the reading speed may reach up to 3,000 words
per minute.
Skimming: In this kind of reading, the eyes of the reader go through all the material but usually
by skipping the details.

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