Thursday, 13 February 2020

Programme Management & Project Evaluation


Programme Management & Project Evaluation

? Program management or programme management is the procedure of organizing
numerous related projects, often with the meaning of improving an organization’s
? Project Evaluation is a step-by-step process of collecting, recording and organizing
information about project results, including short-term outputs.
? We call it The Golden Thread, as all the successful programmes we have come across use
it, whilst less successful ones don’t.
? Cost/Benefit Analysis is a powerful, widely used and relatively easy tool for deciding
whether to make a change.
? To use the tool, firstly work out how much the change will cost to make. Then calculate the
benefit you will from it.
? Where costs or benefits are paid or received over time, work out the time it will take for
the benefits to repay the costs.
? You may, however, decide to include intangible items within the analysis. As you must
estimate a value for these, this inevitably brings an element of subjectivity into the process.
? The potential risk factors may have an adverse impact on the cost, schedule, or technical
success of the project.

CBA: Cost Benefit Analysis
CFO: Chief Financial Officer
ESU: Enormous State University
PMO: Project Management Officer

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