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Presentation Skill


Presentation Skill

Presentations and public speaking play a very significant role in business environment.
Hence, when planning for presentations or public speaking, you must take care to define
their purpose and relate them to the audience’s interests.
Public speaking is a talk given to a large gathering.
The present unit offers characteristics and tips of good public speaking.
Importance and need of public speaking for the individual, the organization and the
society are also discussed.
Impromptu, extemporaneous, memorized and manuscript are modes of delivery in public
Besides, checklist for effective public speaking; checklist for discussion skills and essentials
for reduce stage fear are also discussed.
We concentrated on imparting presentation skill to enable you to make effective
These skills can be further developed by paying attention to preparation, delivery
techniques, and the art of handling audience’s response.
The presentation is a form of oral communication. Its success depends on the presenter’s
preparation, his clarity of purpose, understanding of audience needs; his ability to structure
the information, choose proper visual aids, and perform by involving the audience’s
interest and responding to their questions with ease and forthright honesty.
Notes Features, elements of presentation, ten steps to a successful presentation and a few tips on
team presentation are also discussed.
Finally, the present chapter throws light on seminar presentation.

Environment/Location: Physical environment the size of the room, the seating arrangement,
speaker's position vis-à-vis the platform or podium, setting of the mike, lighting and ventilation,
positioning of the visual aids, etc., should be well planned out and observed in advance.
Extemporaneous Presentation: In this case, the speaker does not memorize the whole
presentation, word by word. Rather, he takes some ideas in his mind and in a logical order,
presents them in his own words. A mental recap helps.
Memorized Presentation: If the memory power of the speaker is to read aloud well, he may
memorize the whole presentation and not use any written material, but in case, the speaker
forgets in between, it leaves a very bad impression and spoils the effect of the presentation.
Presentation : A presentation is a live mode of sharing information with a select audience. It is
a form of oral communication in which a person shares factual information with a particular
Reading: A written script may be used to present the whole matter. It helps to maintain accuracy,
but eye contact may be lost in the process. Very few speakers can master this art of reading as
well as maintaining frequent eye contact with the listeners.
Seminar Presentation: A seminar is more informal than a meeting or a conference. A seminar is
held within an organization. Seminar is a formal gathering of people who have assembled
together to exchange views and experiences with one another on a specified topic.

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