Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Introduction to Software Project Management


Introduction to Software Project Management

? A project includes a number of activities that must be completed in some particular order,
or sequence.
? Projects have a specified completion date.
? The customer, or the recipient of the project’s deliverables, expects a certain level of
functionality and quality from the project.
? Software projects are disreputably hard to define.
? The aim of these processes is to make sure that various Project tasks are well coordinated
and they meet the various project goals including timely completion of the project.
? The thick methodologies we consider are RUP, SSADM and PRINCE2. XP, SCRUM and
Crystal Clear are measured as thin methodologies.
? The Project Management Body of Knowledge is a broad term that explains the sum of
knowledge within the profession of Project Management (PM).
? In a project a manager can judge if the projects are on schedule/budget.

CCTA: Central Computing and Telecommunications Agency
EVM: Earned Value Management
PM: Project Management
PMBOK: Project Management Body of Knowledge
PRINCE: Projects in Controlled Environments
RUP: Rational Unified Process
SSADM: Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology
UML: Unified Modeling Language

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