Friday, 28 February 2020

Group Discussion


Group Discussion

Group Discussion is a personality test which evaluates one's ability to interact in a group
on a given topic.
In a group discussion, a group usually consists of 8 to 10 candidates.
No one is nominated as a leader, coordinator or chairman to conduct the discussion.
Normally, 20 to 30 minutes are given as time to complete the discussion on a particular
Group Discussions are held with a particular purpose in mind.
There are certain qualities, which are looked for during a GD. Primary among them are
Leadership Quality, Knowledge of the Subject matter, Analytical Ability, Clarity of
Thought, Conviction and Flexibility.
There are certain strategies: Do's and Don'ts to be followed for an Effective Group
The desirable things include following a polite way of discussion, giving suitable examples,
showing positive body language.
The undesirable behaviour includes sitting cross legged or with arms folded, or other
negative gestures.
There are certain techniques which can be followed to politely enter a discussion, or to
express the non acceptance of a point or to put forward a point with conviction.
Listening attentively and with patience is very essential in a Group Discussions.

GD: Group Discussion
KISS: Keep It Short and Simple

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