Sunday, 9 February 2020

ERP Benefits


ERP Benefits

Installing an EPR system has many advantages both direct and indirect. z l
The direct advantages include improved efficiency, information integration for better z l
decision-making, faster response time to customer queries, etc.
The indirect benefits include better corporate image, improved customer goodwill, z l
customer satisfaction and so on.

CAD: Programs that are used to create engineering drawings. CAD programs make it easy to
modify drawings. They also make it easier to keep track of material specifications. They can perform
spatial and engineering estimates on the designs, such as surface or volume calculations.
Decision Process: The steps required to make a decision. It includes problem identification,
research, specification of choices, and the final selection. Midlevel managers are often involved
in the initial stages and affect the outcome, even though they may not make the final decision.
Enterprise Resource Planning: An integrated computer system running on top of a DBMS. It is
designed to collect and organize data from all operations in an organization. Existing systems are
strong in accounting, purchasing, and HRM.
Product Flexibility: Product flexibility is the ability of the operation to efficiently produce highly
customized and unique products. Manufacturers tried to introduce some amount of flexibility by
using the assemble-to-order approach.

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