Friday, 7 February 2020

Application Development and Administration


Application Development and Administration

This unit covers the features of database for web, Server Side Database Communication with
CGI, Chains of Communication, using Perl 5 and the DBI Module to Communicate With Databases,
DBI Module and API, Getting the Pieces, Running CGI Applications on a Single Station Local
Area Network along with JDBC.

Chains of communication: A Web Database follows the client-server database model. A Database
Engine sits on some central computer somewhere and serves data to multiple web-based clients.
Database administrator: Data administrator is one who oversees the data integrity of the
DBI module: The DBI Module is an incredibly useful tool because it abstracts away the need to learn how to communicate with every type of database out there. Consider what a pain it would be if you had to write a CGI script for every proprietary database engine.

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