Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Advanced SQL


Advanced SQL

? SQL also has a good programming level interfaces.
? The SQL supports a library of functions for accessing a database.
? These functions are also called the Application Programming Interface (API) of SQL.
? The advantage of using an API is that it provides flexibility in accessing multiple databases
in the same program irrespective of DBMS, while the disadvantage is that it requires more
complex programming.

Full Outer Joins: The full outer join type is a combination of the left and right outer-join types.
Inner Joins: Inner joins return all rows from multiple tables where the join condition is met.
Natural Joins: Natural join combines two tables based on their common columns i.e. columns
with the same name.
Nested Query: A query inside a query is called as nested query.
Subqueries: Subqueries are similar to SELECT chaining. While SELECT chaining combines
SELECTs on the same level in a query, however, subqueries allow SELECTs to be embedded
inside other queries.
Views: A view is a virtual table, which does not actually store data.

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